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Winter has arrived so do NOT delay! Call or visit us today to price out a good set of winter tires and/or rims for your vehicle. Here at Autotrust Technicians we HIGHLY recommend the installation of winter tires in the winter season, and here's why!

Winter tires use a more flexible compound that's specifically designed to work at lower temperatures and prevent snow buildup in the grooves, resulting in superior grip. The larger and grippier the contact patch is, the better your vehicle will hold on to the road, regardless if it's covered in ice or snow.

All-season tires fail to deliver optimum performance in some driving conditions. Unlike winter tires, their grooves can't handle a significant amount of snow and their rubber quickly stiffens as temperatures drop.

A lot of people don't realize or understand the value of riding on winter tires since the vast majority of new cars and trucks are sold with all-season tires and a wide selection is available on the market.

We, Canadians, live in a fairly harsh climate with temperatures dropping from plus to minus in just a couple of weeks and weather conditions alternating between rain, hail, snow, sleet and ice. Drivers and their cars need to adapt and rely on the proper equipment at all times.

DON'T HAVE A PLACE TO STORE YOUR OFF SEASON TIRES? WE HAVE YOUR SOLUTION! We offer INDOOR tire storage to your second set of wheels for ONE FULL YEAR for only $80.

We offer most major brands of tires. These are a few of our preferred brands.

General Tire

what our customers say

these wonderful souls saved my life (okay not literally but they saved my road trip). My car broke down the day before I had to leave for a long drive to head way up north and these wonderful individuals were able to fit me in ASAP and get my car fixed and safe to make the trip! I had no delay because of them!
, 03/24/2022

Mike and his team are the best!!
, 03/24/2022

Great and professional service and reasonable prices thank you Mike.
, 03/24/2022

While mostly a mechanic shop, Mike had a car for sale that we found on AutoTrader. I had dreaded the thought of buying an earlier model used car as all of them seemed to be uncertified on shady lots. After talking to Mike for a few mintues, my first feeling was relief. He was very reasonable to work with and allowed us (with some reasonable stipulations) to take the car to be reviewed by our mechanic. We did this, and promptly purchased the car. It was clean and Mike was upfront with the CarFax report. Thanks so much Mike for your help in making what I was expecting to be a nightmare a very easy and honest process.
, 03/24/2022

Mike was wonderful to work with, and was wonderful work my daughter's first car.
, 03/24/2022

I just want to say the Mike and the team at Auto Trust Tech are sensational. They go above and beyond for their clients, with exceptional service and care. They not only care about the vehicle as if it's their own, they care about their clients and that level of customer service I haven't seen before. I am so lucky my brother and father referred me to this mechanic and I truly feel like you're in the best of hands.
, 03/24/2022

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